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The thing that’s really sad is everybody in these screenshots thinks I’m the joke when they’re playing theirselves. This Is why I hate almost every social network except tumblr honestly.

This was made to tear black women down, and the same people laughing are BLACK WOMEN… Smh


And of course the lighter skin girl is the one going back & forth cuz she don’t have to deal with it. Even if her vagina is light brown/brown/dark brown she still gets the benefit of the doubt before a sexual partner gets to see all that. They won’t know if she has the “holy grail” pink pussy or the darkest one of the bunch and even if they do pull her pants down & find out it’s dark they’re probably still gonna have sex & won’t mind giving oral for the simple fact that she’s light skin. Saying dark girls pussy looks like roast beef & shit similar to that trains potential sexual partners minds into thinking it’s worse or dirty, and having rappers continually say they want a pink pussy makes it harder too. All black/brown girls no matter how light your skin tone has the potential to have darker labias, so just cuz your pussy lighter than mines doesn’t mean i’m not offended, & it doesn’t mean we can’t call it out as racist df. How can you joke at something so sacred that we can’t change or fix or get rid of, something we were born with that is NOT a disease, something I shouldn’t be ashamed of when I have a sexual partner. It’s just as fucking natural as the color of your nipples that wouldn’t surprise me if they were dark too so get all the way out of here acting like a brown skin girl can’t be offended at a meme targeted against her & others like her.


Caught my mom stealing shoes

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